The Problem


The Garage Diaper stop spills from spreading damaging grime and water.

The Dreaded Dirty Garage Floor:

Salt, sand, dirt and oil. It’s a nightmare for renters; and homeowners alike. During a snowy winter or rainy spring and summer, individuals seek a comfortable haven in their own homes. Trips away from home, going to work or to run errands, are as short as possible; and they hurry home as fast as the conditions allow. When people arrive home, all they want to do is park and run inside, dry off and heat up. They forget about the grimy, oily, dirty, salty snow melting or water dripping off of their automobile, until water damage begins to discolor and dirty their garage floor, and the walls begin to absorb the water accumulation. This damage is ugly and destructive; after a while, the walls and structure begin to rot and could even collapse—ensuing costly repairs.

Preventing Dirty Garage Floors:

As a preventative measure, an innovation, called the Garage Diaper, offers users the ability to collect road grime and dripping messes from vehicles, so they do not dirty and damage the garage floor and walls. Using the Garage Diaper requires virtually no effort, and completely eliminates the need to mop up, wash the floor or use messy absorbent compounds like oil dry. It is incredibly simple to apply in any garage, can be cleaned quickly with a hose and stores compactly out of the way when not needed. The Garage Diaper can also be used in professional and amateur repair applications, to prevent shop or garage floors from being stained by automotive fluids.

Note – if you were able to force your way though that whole schpeel, then you know what a company like Invent-tech gives you for $8,000. They wrote it.

Cheap Disposable Solutions:

For many year I personally used broken down cardboard boxes and arranged them in a large rectangular pattern to cover the entire perimeter of the vehicle.
Packing tape or duct tape keeps everything together. This works amazingly well and allows sublimation and evaporation to occur at a faster rate than on vinyl or plastic sheet. This approach is more environmentally friendly because you can either burn the cardboard for heat or toss it in the recycle bin at the end of one winter season. If you are into DIY and have boxes at your disposal, you’re way ahead of the game, otherwise here is a source for cardboard sheet material, don’t forget the tape.

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