The Solution

The solution is simple:

road grime

road dirt and grime sticks to your car – a mess just waiting for your garage floor

The Garage Diaper was developed in 2001 to solve the problem of dirty garage floors. After a snowstorm or rainstorm, your car drips ice and dirty road grime on to the clean garage floor, causing the concrete to slowly crumble and eventually costing a ton on drywall repairs. This original idea is now available for purchase from other  manufacturers in the garage accessories industry.

The Garage Diaper is no longer in production, however new products are always becoming available. The Drymate mat is virtually identical to our original garage floor mat design.

While the original Garage Diaper measured 8′ x 16, the Drymate product is 7.4′ x 20′. You can cut it down for a car and motorcycle combo or double them up for a massive 15′ x 20′  area of protection. Standard size of the Garage Diaper was 8′ wide x 16′ long.

Most mats are made from biodegradable post consumer products.
Depending upon usage, expected life is 2-5 years at which point the unit will become completely saturated. Power wash it for extended life or roll it up and dispose of in your weekly trash.

If you have any questions or comments about this topic and if you’d like to share your preference of cardboard over vinyl or plastic, (the old ubiquitous “paper or plastic?” question), then please leave a comment using the form at the bottom of this page. Thanks!


The Garage Diaper is currently out of stock, here are some garage floor protection alternatives on Amazon…


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